..NELSON MANDELA - Photographic Collection by David Moore Available as an Acrobat PDF document (382k).

Nelson Mandela Quintessential peacemaker, global icon of racial reconciliation, political prisoner, president, statesman, father, grandfather and husband.

When finally freed in 1990 after 27 years of incarceration Nelson Mandela continued his quest for reform and democracy. Included in this was his commitment to the eradication of poverty and the end to AIDS in South
Africa. One of only four organisations in the world that he lends his good name to is MaAfrika Tikkun (transforming mother Africa).

MaAfrika Tikkun is a Non Government Organisation (NGO) founded in 1994 to offer resources, training and sustainable support to South Africa’s poorest communities. Nelson Mandela is the Chief Patron and has hailed MaAfrika
Tikkun’s programmes as “a miracle”.

Part of the proceeds from each sale are directed towards these initiatives.

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The Nelson Mandela Photograph Collection: David Moore was commissioned by Professor Allan Snyder to take the photographs in this Collection.

Nelson Mandela was photographed on the occasion of the What Makes a Champion?™ forum, held at Sydney University in September 2000 to coincide with the Olympic Games. The forum was the brainchild of Professor Snyder, who invited Nelson Mandela to open the event.

David Moore 1927 – 2003: One of Australia’s most renowned and widely travelled photojournalist. His extraordinary archive covers both his homeland and the many countries and subjects he visited over a sixty year career.

In 1951 Moore left for London, and was the first Australian photojournalist to work consistently for the international picture magazines during their grand era of the 1950s. For seven years he photographed on assignment in the U.K., Europe, Scandinavia, Africa and the U.S.A., and his work was published in such journals as The Observer, Time-Life, Look and The New York Times. He was one of only two Australian photographers included in the Family of Man exhibition in New York in 1955.

From 1958 Moore travelled the world for his New York agency, Black Star, working for Time-Life Books, National Geographic and corporate industrial clients.

From the 1970s onwards Moore was based in Sydney and his work reflected his views of Australia. His photographs have been published in many books and are in many Australian collections including those of the Australian National Gallery. Collections are also held at the New York Museum of Modern Art, Le Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, and the Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC.

..NELSON MANDELA - Photographic Collection by David Moore Available as an Acrobat PDF document (382k).