Joe Hill. Carlos Cortez, Amer.
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Joe Hill

1979. Linocut, “International Workers of the World (IWW)” logo in block centre right, initialled “C.A.C.” and dated lower left, 89 x 56.7cm. Foxing and discolouration to margins. Linen-backed.

Text includes “Murdered by the judiciary in collusion with the mine owners who wished to silence his songs but the songs are still being sung.” The following information is from the Victoria & Albert Museum, which has a copy of this poster in its collection:

“Joe Hill (1879-1915) was a Swedish-born poet, cartoonist, union organiser and itinerant worker in the United States. He was executed in 1915 in Salt Lake City following a controversial murder trial. He is generally believed to have been innocent of the crime and punished as a scapegoat for being an itinerant worker and union agitator. His story is told in brief at the top of the poster, alongside the address of the IWW: He holds a paper reading ‘If we workers take a notion, we can stop all speeding trains, every ship upon the ocean, we can tie with mighty chains, every wheel in the creation, every mine and every mill, fleets and armies of all nations will at our command stand still.’”

Item #CL177-141

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