Item #CL179-10 The Blood Vote [Anti-Conscription Campaign]. After Claude Marquet, Australian.
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The Blood Vote [Anti-Conscription Campaign]

1916. Letterpress and line block, handbill, artist’s name in lower portion, 32 x 25.4cm (paper). Missing portions, old folds.

Text includes “‘They gave me the ballot paper, the grim death-warrant of doom, and I smugly sentenced the man to death, in that dreadful little room. I put it inside the Box of Blood nor thought of the man I’d slain, till at midnight came like a ‘whelming flood, God’s word – and the Brand of Cain.’ Written by W.R. Winspear and drawn by Claude Marquet, St Andrew’s Place, Sydney. Authorised by P.C. Evans and J.M. Power, Macdonell House, Sydney.” Ref: SLV, Museum Victoria.

Very rare original printing of this important handbill.

Item #CL179-10

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