[Four Daughters Series]. John Brack, Aust.
[Four Daughters Series]
[Four Daughters Series]
[Four Daughters Series]
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[Four Daughters Series]

1954. Four drypoints, each editioned, signed and dated in pencil in lower margin, titled with details in ink on “Adam Galleries” label on frame verso, 17.3 x 12.1cm to 24.5 x 17.3cm. Framed.

Titles and editions read as follows: (1) First Daughter, editioned 9/15; (2) Second Daughter, editioned 12/12; (3) Third Daughter, editioned 5/11; and (4) Fourth Daughter, editioned 3/14. Illustrated in Grant, John Brack, 2009, pp36-37.

Images depict John Brack’s four daughters, Clara, Vicki, Freda, and Charlotte. “In 1954, he began to explore the techniques of printmaking and created a series of four small, intimate images in drypoint, one of each of his daughters.” Ref: NGA.

This complete suite is considered to be Brack’s most important work in printmaking; to date, no Australian institution has all four drypoints in their collection.

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