The Ultimato Show! [Feminism]
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The Ultimato Show! [Feminism]

1980. Colour screenprint, 50.6 x 37.8cm. Repaired tears and creases. Linen-backed.

Text includes “Three nights of women’s music, martial arts, dancing & theatre. $3. Proceeds to the gym collective. Women only. 8pm. Fri., 22 [to] Sun., 24, Feb. [Female gender symbol] Warehouse, 1st Floor, Bay 9, No. 4, Ultimo Rd, Haymarket.

This poster was created by the [Women’s] Warehouse Screen-printers. “The Warehouse was run as a women’s collective from 1979 to 1981 in a five-storey warehouse in Sydney’s Haymarket area. An unofficial headquarters for the social and cultural activity of the Women’s Liberation Movement, the Warehouse applied the values of feminism, equality and collectivism to all creative output which extended throughout the ensuing decades into a broad range of women’s activities.” Ref: SLNSW.

Item #CL200-117

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