Thurston, World’s Famous Magician
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Thurston, World’s Famous Magician

c1926. Colour lithograph, trial proof, 37.7 x 28cm. Repaired tears and creases. Linen-backed.

Text continues “The wonder show of the Earth. The Otis Lithograph Co., Cleveland, O. Made in USA. 0-2322.”

Magician Howard Thurston (Amer., 1869–1936) “thrilled people with his own brand of stage magic, a giant production requiring 40 tons of equipment [largest magic show in history]. Today, he’s all but forgotten, eclipsed in history by his contemporary Harry Houdini, even though Houdini was more of an escape artist than a magician. But in his day, Thurston was the best.” Ref: Smithsonian; Britannica.

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