“Sydney Illustrated” Woolloomooloo Bay Looking North East. John Skinner Prout, 1805–1876 British.
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“Sydney Illustrated” Woolloomooloo Bay Looking North East

c1842. Tinted lithograph, proof, 18.5 x 26.7cm. Trimmed to image, lower corners missing.

This uncommon proof is a variant image to the lithograph included in the 1842 publication Sydney Illustrated.

This image is held in the Australian National Maritime Museum, with comments including “Located close to the initial British settlement in Sydney Cove, Woolloomooloo was granted to John Palmer in 1793. The area was gradually subdivided and settled by families and was a desirable place to live. During the 19th century it became more urbanised and the construction of the Finger Wharf in 1915 industrialised the area. The wharf ceased being utilised in the 1970s and lay derelict before being modernised in the late 20th century with Woolloomooloo once again becoming a desirable location to live.”

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