Item #CL194-134 Ship Model Of MV “Malabar”
Ship Model Of MV “Malabar”
Ship Model Of MV “Malabar”
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Ship Model Of MV “Malabar”

c1931. Tin and wood model ship on wooden base with a glass case, ship’s name on stern and bow, model maker “C. Boor”, ship name and date on bronze plaque attached to base, 93 x 40 x 14.5cm (ship); 120 x 10 x 35cm (base).

Provenance: Burns Philp auction, Sydney, December 2006.

Also included are items collected by the current owner: an original postcard of the ship, and three small wooden fragments believed to be from the wreckage of the Malabar, as annotated in ink on each piece.

The merchant vessel Malabar, built in Scotland in 1925, was a passenger and cargo steamer owned by the Australian shipping line Burns Philp. On 2 April 1931, “the MV Malabar violently struck the headland at Long Bay south of Sydney.” All 28 passengers and most of the 109 crew were forced to evacuate by the boats, with no loss of life. The ship wreck attracted crowds of up to 300,000, which led to a residents’ petition to rename the Sydney suburb of Long Bay to Malabar. Ref: Dictionary of Sydney; Wiki; ABC.

Item #CL194-134

Price (AUD): $11,000.00  other currencies

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