Item #CL200-36 “Le Monstre Ecarlate” [Movie Serial]
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“Le Monstre Ecarlate” [Movie Serial]

1945. Colour process lithograph, 47.2 x 36.4cm. Old creases.

The French title and poster shows a “scarlet” monster, while the English and Dutch text have chosen “purple” as described in the original serial: “The Purple Monster Strikes. Het Purperen Monster. [stars] Dennis Moore, Linda Stirling. Republic Picture Corporation. Herbert J. Yates, President. Les ateliers M. Panneels. Bruxelles.”

The plot of this serial, created by Americans Spencer Gordon Bennet and Fred C. Brannon, begins with a Martian spacecraft which crashes on Earth near the observatory of Dr. Layton, rocket designer. The only survivor is the ship’s pilot, who has come on a scouting expedition for a Martian invasion. He can take the appearance of any human (including Dr Layton) and can also make himself invisible. “He calls himself ‘The Purple Monster’ and tries to steal Layton’s rocket designs. His efforts will be thwarted, episode after episode by a secret agent Craig Foster.” Ref: Wiki.

Item #CL200-36

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